7 tips to ensure your guests have a great experience

Getting clients to leave a tourist home satisfied is the best way to guarantee positive publicity. As Jim Rohn, American businessman, said:
“If you serve your customers well, they will open doors for you that you could never open yourself.”

In this article we are going to share with you what we do to get our clients to give us high scores in satisfaction surveys.

  • Customer service is our number one.

Because a tourist’s journey begins long before he opens the door of the tourist apartment. We pay attention to all communication channels every day and respond to all doubts or questions that travelers send us. This helps us a lot with point number two.

  • Get to know our clients.

It is essential to provide the service as we do. Knowing what the guests’ concerns are, we manage to guide them in what they need by giving them valuable information.

  • Empathize.

And there is nothing like putting yourself in a person’s shoes to know how they feel and what they need.

  • Maintain contact before, during and after the stay.

It is one of the best ways to build customer trust. When he knows that he has us at his disposal at all times, he is calmer and enjoys his stay in the tourist apartment in a more relaxed way.

  • Offer original recommendations.

We are locals and we know the city well. We love offering not-so-typical recommendations to our guests so they can discover corners, restaurants and bars that they love and that otherwise they would most likely never visit.

  • Study of satisfaction surveys.

It is a point of vital importance to improve our services every day and adapt better to the changing tastes of our guests.

  • Work on the quality of services.

Guaranteeing the client a spectacular stay and fulfilling it is essential. Being able to exceed the expectations of our visitors is a task that requires perseverance and involvement.

Thanks to all these points that we have shared with you, at Málaga Simple we have become a tourist home management company that has repeat clients and guest reviews on the main reservation channels that value our efforts.

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