Previous procedures necessary for renting apartments on a vacation basis 2021

Gestión online de apartamentos

As in any activity, there are a series of prior procedures necessary for the home to be rented on a vacation basis.
In this entry, updated in 2021, we try to list them step by step:

  1. Occupation license.

If your home was built after 1979, you only need to request it from the Town Hall Registry.
If your home is before 1979, then you must provide the “technical certificate model” made by a technical architect in Urban Planning and pay a small fee to obtain it.
As always, we can help you or process it for you.

  1. Responsible declaration before the Ministry of Tourism.

It informs you that your home meets the requirements to be considered a home that can be used for tourist purposes.
To know these requirements you can click here.

You must provide the following documents:

  • Copy of occupation license
  • Title for the exploitation of the home. (contract for transfer of use as housing for tourist purposes, property deed, etc.)
  • Copy of the IBI or other document that proves the cadastral reference.

Once the Ministry verifies that everything is correct with your application, it would be registered in the Andalusian Tourism Registry and a unique code of the type VFT/MA/00000 will be assigned.

  1. Registration in the guest communication system at the General Directorate of Police.

It is necessary to complete a traveler entry report and send it to the corresponding Police Station or Civil Guard Post.

Once registered in the system, we will be in charge of collecting the required data of new guests at each entry and communicating it in a timely manner.

Gestión online de apartamentos

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